Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Office

For those who asked, here's a handful of photos of Amazing15 HQ.

Our desks. Marcus has the orange chair. We have christened that massive printer R2D2 for no other reason than we're idiots. That small door to the left is where we keep the naughty children. And the cold water tank. Keen eyes will spot that, along with some other bits and pieces, the Amazing Fantasy #15 cover canvas we got when we left Titan (thanks guys!) is up on the wall...

Behind my work station is another desk on which is my drawing board (in this photo the final page of issue #3 my comic The Absence is pasted up on it, fact fans).
As you might be able to see from this angle, when I'm talking to someone on the webcam, I have our year planner behind my head, whereas...

...when Marcus is on webcam, he has my book shelves behind him. The upshot of this is that I look all organised and stuff, and he looks all clever innit.


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