Thursday, 10 February 2011

Olly Good

So there's this UK graphic designer whom I follow - goes by the name of Olly Moss. He's quite popular now as his work for the Levis Rolling Roadshow tour was shown on the Apple website. If you're not familiar, he does beautiful, usually three colour illustrations for movie posters and such. Very simple, but all about conveying the message in really clever/stark ways.

Yesterday Emily sent me this image:

It's called Wolverine or two Batmans? Good right?

So I went to Olly's blog to see what else he's been doing lately and, apparently, he's had commissions from Marvel and Lucas Film:

The Star Wars posters are so good. Check out how the forest trees make up Darth Vader's features on the Jedi poster and the two suns of Tatooine are 3PO's eyes - love that!

I carried on scrolling down his blog and came across this, posted end of last year, with the comment that just said, "Optimism!".

Made me smile.

Marcus x

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